How Computer Made Our Life Easier and How Complicated Computer is Made

how computer made

How computer made our life easier? One of them is by supporting you to create something, such as animation, articles, images, and many more. A computer is a digital electronic machine with a variety of features. 

The features are compatible with a lot of programs. Then, you can use the programs to create something. Check the information below to know the way a computer is made and its role in our life.

You will be surprised that a computer has improved significantly compared to the first time the founder made it.  

The Way a computer is Made by a Manufacturer 

Prepare a Computer Design

A computer manufacturer is not directly assembling parts to create a ready-to-use computer. The manufacturer hires engineers and product specialists to create a specific design. The design determines how the computer looks, the memory capacity, and other specifications.

The bigger the company, the more technologies they have to create a computer. That’s why the company will also design the hard drive, processor chips, and other components. 

Prepare the Computer Chips

A computer company may prepare its chips. They often use silicon to create computer chips. The main material is silicon dioxide. The team will put the silicon dioxide into the chip maker to produce a pure silicon crystal. 

The next process is turning the crystal into wafers. There will be a system that creates metal patterns and installs other materials onto the wafers.

This process is to form electronic circuits. A circuit contains billions of transistors, resistors, and other components. 

Circuit Boards 

The chips move to a circuit board maker. The machine will solder the chips onto circuit boards with other components. The board is made of a plastic card with copper foil for the patterns.

The board is useful for installing motherboards, memory modules, and video cards.      

Computer Assembly 

The process of how computer made in a factory continues by assembling the parts. Big factories use a computer maker to build a ready-to-use computer or PC.

A ready-to-use computer or PC contains a motherboard, hard drive, case, wiring, and other components.

The team starts assembling the computer by preparing the case, installing the motherboard, and plugging other components into places.

There is a technician who will copy the operating system to the computer’s hard drive. The operating systems are Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. 

Boot-up and Burn-In 

The technicians test the computers to ensure they work properly. The testing process is known as burn-in. They will check if there is any computer with a problem. The technicians will separate computers with issues and the normal computers. 

The technicians try to fix the issues before sending the computers back to the normal computer package. It is the last step before the team packs the computers in boxes.

They will complete the package with accessories and manuals.   

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How Computer Made Your Life Easier 

So, how computer made our life easier. The information below will make you want to make a computer to finish your jobs.

Computer for Communication

A computer is not only a device to accomplish your tasks but also for communicating. Nowadays, you can use specific features, such as email, chatting, video conference, mobile phones, and social media for communication. 

As a result, you don’t have to write manually on paper, use an envelope, and send it manually. The benefit is that you can deliver big data in a few minutes.

The receivers can even receive the data on the same day. This device is more powerful with the internet. Imagine that you can share your ideas, thoughts, criticism, and many more with others. 

Computer to Support Education 

Indeed, a computer gives a significant impact on the educational field. The learning process is easier and faster because of computers.

It is even much easier with the use of a search engine where people can find anything they need by only entering specific keywords on it. 

Incredibly, they can get the answer in only a few minutes. The teaching and learning process also gets the impact of computers.

Teachers and students can study without worrying about the distance anymore. They can use a computer and video conference application to meet online.

Nowadays, you don’t even have to bring a lot of books. A computer can hold a lot of e-books. You only have to turn on the computer and open the book you want to read. 

Computer Supports Utility Facilities 

Imagine how hard it was to get a ticket for travel a few years ago. Nowadays, you don’t have to go to the travel agents only to get a ticket.

Most travel agents have an official website you can visit. The official website is connected with a system so people can buy tickets online. 

GPS is another example. You can use GPS on your computer and check your route. This app even directs you from the starting point to the arrival point. Indeed, it is different compared to travelling with a manual map.

Computer Supports Healthcare Sector 

Hospitals also get a lot of benefits because of the computer. The team can use a computer to save the data of their patients. Doctors can open the data anytime they want to know the progress of the patients.

It is much simpler instead of checking the health condition from the beginning anytime patients go to the hospital.

A computer with additional technologies can also analyze health conditions more accurately than manual medical check-up procedures. 

So, you may have to say thank you to Charles Babbage, who made the first computers. Indeed, it is also because of the experts who want to develop computers into sophisticated devices to help people.

The information above explains how computer made our day easier and more comfortable than before.  Best of all, you understand that producing a computer involves a long and complicated process.

The computer will be a great device in the future, along with regular improvement. As a result, this device can help people more than it can do today. The most important thing is that you can get more benefits because of the computer.             

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